Here are our Competitive programs that we offer:

  • ALL STAR PREP - Do you know someone who wants to be introduced to the sport of all-star cheerleading? Our All Star Prep Program is a great stepping stone to the sport of all-star cheer and is perfect for any age. Our program provides athletes an opportunity to participate in competitive cheerleading at its best, at an affordable price. Athletes will get the chance to compete four times locally and get to see what being part of the Ultimate Family is all about! 
  • ALL STAR REGIONAL - The All Star Regional Program is our traditional competitive program. These teams are designed to provide amazing experiences while staying within Ontario for all events. Teams compete at six competitions with one big overnight event at the end of the season.
  • ALL STAR INTERNATIONAL - This is our new program for our travel teams. This program is open to athletes ages 8 and above at ALL skill levels. This is for the athlete who wants to work hard and have the chance to compete on the international stage.
  • ALL STAR OPEN - This is our new program for our open teams age 14+. This program is open to athletes ages 8 and above at ALL skill levels. This is for the athlete who wants to work hard and have the chance to compete on the international stage. We will be offer Level 5 Non-Tumbling.  

My daughter and I are both athletes at UCC and we just shared our first mommy/daughter cheer competition! I must say it was the most amazing, thrilling and nerve racking day ever and I loved every second of it! I'm thankful for having the opportunity to cheer for UCC on both sides of the floor and also to have this special bond with Maya! From the youngest to more 'mature' our gym has something for all! Come and be part of UCC family and you'll have a blast!

~ Mihaela T

We’re more than just cheer teams!  

With team training over the summer, team bonding events and holiday parties, your child is not just joining a team, but they are joining a FAMILY. When children feel included as a part of a group, they can be positively influenced by the group, which is why Ultimate prides itself on our role in positive character development!  

Through the skill development of the sport, we want to teach your child to work hard, persevere, and develop the work ethic needed to succeed in life. By learning how to work as a team toward a shared goal and with our Powerful Words Program, your child will learn vital social skills and the importance of personal qualities such as integrity, compassion and empathy. 

Are you ready to join a team? Would you like for your child to develop more confidence and become a leader on the mat and in the community? If so, we would love to meet you and to welcome you into the Ultimate Family.  

As a first year member of UCC - I can only say how happy I am to see my daughter finally find something she loves to do this much. The coaches and staff have been amazing to her and she counts down the days til she is back in the gym with her Pixie Cat Team. An excellent program for those just starting cheer.  

~Linda B

My daughter has really enjoyed being challenged, making new friendships, learning respect, perseverance and determination and teamwork. With the support of her amazing coaches she has learned that giving up is not an option and has committed to rise above defeat to overcome certain fears and push forward, regain confidence and find passion. Ysabella is now loving sharing her skills with others as she works with the coaches in assisting the training of another team. UCC has skilled, patient, understanding coaches who are passionate and committed. I would like to personally lift up coach LA for taking time from her crazy busy life, to bring the spark back to Ysabella, and also coach Candice for giving her the confidence to share her thoughts and work towards becoming a leader! ((((hugs)))) Thank you UCC.

~Paula S

The Top 10 Reasons why the Competitive Cheer is RIGHT for YOUR family. 

  • Our incredible Powerful Words Character Building Program will help develop your child into a great person. 
  • Our training facility provides more than enough space for your athlete to train and develop their skills. 
  • Our focused train will help your children to reach their goals.
  • Five-Year Rings for veteran members with an exclusive Ring Ceremony that honours your child and their hard work. 
  • Professionally run overnight skills camp at Camp Olympia that ensures that we develop the bonds of a tight family. 
  • Our commitment to excellence which ensures that your child gets the best. 
  • Our passionate and professional staff. 
  • Our culture dedicated to "lifting" each other up! We work to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on your kids. 
  • Tons of testimonials from our Ultimate parents, confirming why Ultimate is the RIGHT CHOICE for your child.  
  • Knowing that we will help your child to Sweat, Smile, Learn and Grow. 

"My daughter has been to various cheer and gymnastics clubs over the last 3 years and she has progressed more in 5 weeks at Ultimate than 3 years anywhere else. The Staff that work with the little ones are excellent. My daughter has learned her walkover and back handspring in a matter of weeks. I am so happy to have finally found a place where she can grow and accomplish her goals and dreams. Thank you teachers for your patience and all the encouragement you give the girls. It really contributes to their growth and development and PRIDE!" ~Shelly C

“As a family we have gained so much more than we expected . A great place to learn skills, team work and self discipline. We love it so much for our daughter, we joined the Adult team !!” ~Lisa C